Apply to teach

Thank you for your interest in teaching at WildCraft! We promote our classes as intensive, hands-on experiences, where students can arrive as beginners, and leave feeling confident in having learned a new skill, or gained insight into a new field or discipline. We encourage an intimate environment, where teachers are curious about their students, open to personal dialog and friendly conversation. In most of our classes, students leave with a finished product, or a set of samples and developed experiments.

In addition to studio-based-making workshops, WildCraft often collaborates with other makers, farmers and naturalists to host off-site workshops. These arrangements are subject to all the same expectations as normal WildCraft classes, with the main difference being that they are not taught from our studio. Foraging, mushrooming, plant ID, mineral harvests, etc would all be good examples of off-site workshops.

Before you propose a workshop, please take a careful look through our current offerings to make sure your workshop would be a good fit for our studio.

To propose a workshop, please send the following information to

-Teacher Bio: a paragraph of text about you and your experience as it relates to the subject you are teaching

-Detailed Class Description: a paragraph of text describing the subject of the class, what students can expect to learn, materials used in the workshop and what final outcome or product will be created.

-Materials or Equipment Needed: a list of materials, equipment, tools, etc needed to successfully run your workshop. Please note if you already own any of the listed tools/materials. 

-Approximate hours needed to run your workshop: our studio workshops are usually from 10am-4pm, and offsite workshops are 3hrs & up.

-3 photos that describe the process, skill or product of the proposed workshop